Hands On Yoga Workshops

Hands On Yoga Workshops

A series of four independent workshops
mit Elena Mironov und Maria Matkowska

Asana technique workshops with two teachers that offer intelligent guidance and in-tune hands-on assists.

Sa 27.10.2018
10.00 – 12.00

Sa 03.11.2018
10.00 – 12.00

Sa 10.11.2018
10.00 – 12.00

Sa 17.11.2018
10.00 – 12.00



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Studio 1
Kramgasse 68
3011 Bern

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Session 1 (27.10.2018)
Finding Your Centre - Stability VS Fluidity - focus on bandhas that help us keep the yoga practice safe and infuse it with intelligence and alignment

Session 2 (03.11.2018)
Hips and Hamstrings - Liberating the lower body with intelligence and grace

Session 3 (10.11.2018)
Heart and Shoulders - Opening the upper body with intelligence and love

Session 4 (17.11.2018)
Spine and Integration - Exploring all dimensional movements of the spine in a therapeutic way with intelligence and awareness

What it is
– Intensified workshop experience where the two teachers can zoom in on individual students' alignment habits and transitions
– Due to the format of the workshop, students can learn using multiple channels. This includes verbal guidance, receiving handson adjusts, visual cues and even learning to assist others which improves students' understanding of their own bodies as well

Workshop Benefits
– Make it possible to progress faster and develop a safer and stronger asana practise compared to a regular workshop or class
– Integrate yoga technique and physiotherapy exercises which improves alignment and strengthens the stabilising muscles
– Empower the participants and help them grow in their practise and on a personal level with confidence, positivity and playfulness
– Offer precise class guidance and hands-on guidance with time and space for zooming in on individual practise patterns

Who are the workshops for?
– Practitioners and yoga teachers who are interested in deepening their practice and learning more about the asana technique
– Students who are ready for a lot of hands on assist to enhance the alignment and safety in their practice, as well as bringing more joy and fun to their mat
– Students interested in really zooming in on their individual practice
– Students who are ready to be positively challenged, learn new things and have fun
– Students that possess at least the basic knowledge of yoga asana

About the teachers
Elena Mironov is a Zürich based experienced international yoga and meditation teacher with a background in psychology, over 13 years of teaching experience including leading teacher trainings, over 70 yoga and meditation retreats as principal teacher as well as an acclaimed yoga DVD.
Elena's work has been featured in extensively in the press including Yoga Journal Australia, Yoga Magazine France, Yoga Journal Deutschland, OM Yoga Magazine UK, Wellbeing, Australian Yoga Life, Danish and Norwegian yoga and wellness magazines among others.
Elena specialises in yoga technique, Ayurveda and yoga nidra as well as offering one-of-a-kind hands on yoga technique workshops. Her classes are characterised by combining a physically challenging practice with warmth, precise instructions, safe alignment, focus on breath initiated movement and the experience of flow as well as a playful and uplifting approach.
Read more about Elena on www.sparklingyogaretreats.com/about

Maria Matkowska is a Danish yoga teacher who assists Elena in Hands On sessions with skilful physiotherapy inspired adjustments, techniques and exercises.
In her work, Maria combines clear guidance with her profound understanding of the human body and her knowledge and experience in yoga asana practice. That way through her hands on adjustments, she can help you understand the action of the pose as well as anatomical and energetic alignment and experience a truly transformational yoga practice.
Read more about Maria on www.sparklingyogaretreats.com/about