Deep Morning Immersion

Deep Morning Immersion

A Springtime Morning Special
mit Nina Luginbühl

Daily Meditation and Pranayama followed by a warming wakeup flow. Explore yourself and dive into uniting your body, mind and soul.

Mo 04.03.2019
07.30 – 09.30

Di 05.03.2019
07.30 – 09.30

Mi 06.03.2019
07.30 – 09.30

Do 07.03.2019
07.30 – 09.30

Fr 08.03.2019
07.30 – 09.30


Normal (Einzelsession)
Reduziert (Einzelsession)
Unlimited (Einzelsession)
Normal (Woche)
Reduziert (Woche)
Unlimited (Woche)

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Studio 1
Kramgasse 68
3011 Bern

Studio 2
Münzgraben 4
3011 Bern

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Each morning we will open our practice with meditation and pranayama, setting intentions and observing our breath and our emotions. Getting to see that the suffering happens not because of things that happen to you, but because of your reactions to them. Finding the source of pain, sadness, anger, impatience-  pulling out the huge long deep roots buried under the soil of your subconscious – so that you can plant new seeds and create true change in your life. In the second part we will move our physical body, practicing loving kindness by honouring our bodies with all possibilities and dimensions as well as getting to know boundaries and challenges.

A deep long relaxing Savasana rounds off every morning. Explore yourself and dive into uniting your body, mind and soul.

Please come at least 10 minutes early to silently arrive in the studio space.
Please be aware that you might have to adjust your practice if your on your period or pregnant.