Therapeutic Art of Adjustments

Therapeutic Art of Adjustments

75-hour Immersion
mit Rae Indigo

This immersion will focus on alignment and assists, removing subtle blockages and increasing presence in the external levels of self.

Mo 13. – 17.08.2018


early bird (bis 19.07.18)

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Studio 2
Münzgraben 4
3011 Bern

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To guide the body and energy of another, we must develop in ourselves a deep intuition of our own energies, and the energies of another, holding the goal of health and expansion like a beacon in our consciousness. Our minds are utilized in understanding Anatomical and Energetic systems, and visualizing the equation of gravity, muscular activity, energetic flow, and other components to gently guide the body towards strength, flexibility and vitality.

• Hands-on Therapeutic Adjustments
• Understanding Extension vs. Compression
• 2-finger Adjustments
• Tapping Adjustments
• Advanced Assists
• Pranic Alignment Training
• Healing Sequences
• Sequencing Theory
• Private Instruction
• Theory of Self-Practice
• Cultivating Vital Force

Experiential knowing and a deep sensitivity for icro-movements are part of this course. First we will journey through the architecture of each asana, peeling back the level of form and recognizing the currents of vital force(prana) flowing through the body.

This immersion will focus on alignment and assists, removing subtle blockages and increasing presence in the external levels of self. We will explore techniques to access our own inner light body, and generate prana to clear blockages - moving our practice beyond form. Within this integrity, each practitioner will learn how to guide their clients, in group class or private instruction towards a stronger and more conscious practice.

This Summer in Bern we are offering 2 modules of our 300-hour Yoga Alliance program. These can be taken together, or individually.

These Modules are developed to dive deeply into one kosha, or shell of the self. They are each completely different in content, and allow the student to become developed in a specific area of yoga study. Once all 4 modules are completed, the understanding and experience of Yoga will be well rounded, instead of topical. It is our goal to provide the highest level of experience and education, and we spend a significant pa of the year in fu her study and research. Regardless of the module, each day begins with 2 hours of physical/energetic practices to increase health and vitality.
Next 2 modules will be coming in 2019.

Each module receives 75-hour certification upon completion of coursework. When all 4 modules are completed, the graduate is eligible for 300-hour Yoga Alliance certification, or if already holding a 200-hour certificate, 500-hour certification.

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